EMI Facilities for Hair Transplantation and Cosmetic Surgery
First time in India Asian hair and skin will provide EMI Facilities for Hair Transplantation, and all Cosmetic Surgery. Consult the Experts for Pimples,Warts,Moles Scars and Wrinkles.Electrocautery Cryosurgery Hair Analysis(Capillicare) for Men & Women Chemical peels for Pigmentation & Scars Botex(for Wrinkles) liposuction, Laser hair removal, FUE hair transplant, skin clinic, plastic surgery, Vitiligo General Dermatology Consultations. Hair Transplantation is a new technology by which (0.6-0.6mm) holes are evenly spaced over the bald (recipient) area. There is no trace of scar or tufting of hairs at the site of transplant .The new hair uptake starts from third month onwards and starts to grow fully in six to nine months.
Our Facilities
Hair Transplant
P.R.P (Platel Rich Plasma)
Vitiligo ( White Patches )
Laser Hair Removal
Liposuction (Fat Removal)
Cosmetic Surgeries
Painless               Exellent results
Economical                100% safe
No follow ups               Permanent
Affordable                Natural
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