Skin Pigmentation
Skin discoloration or increased melanin deposition is a common condition that causes the skin to appear darker, blotchy or patchy brownish more than normal.

How it is Caused?

It is commonly caused by inherited tendencies, repeated unprotected exposure to the sun, use of cheaper cosmetics, skin allergies and hormonal changes. Pigmentation can affect people of all ages. However it is mostly common in: Females between 20-40 years.During and after pregnancy –melasma.Hormonal treatments.People with darker skin- lentigenes.Extensive exposure to the sun- photomelanosis, tanning.If affected with post inflammatory acne.Birth control pills. Extreme stress.
At Asian Hair Clinic the professional counsel and analyzes the medical history in order to customize the treatment as per the individual requirement.

Special fruit acid peels and herbal peels, microdermabrasion, acugel, acupuncture or combination of above bring good results based on the type and gravity of pigmentation.

Pigmentation reduction requires an exfoliation of the superfacial skin layer and this is under taken over a number of sessions. Since the underlying skin exposed after every session is tender hence the exfoliation process is taken step by step. The improvement starts with first session and diminishing stages come in approximately 10 to 15 treatment sessions. The maintenance sessions are advised once a month to keep the pigmentation away and keep skin vigor and radiant. Once the desired result is achieved, it can be maintained with the regular use of sun screen.
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