Skin problems (Skin Acne)
Acne commonly known as pimples is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the sebaceous glands present in the dermis. In mild to moderate cases there may be black heads (comedones) and white heads (papules or pustules). In severe cases, there are nodules, cysts and abscesses which lead to scarring if not treated on time.
Acne is more common during the age of 13-30 years but it may persist even beyond this due to androgen activity in level of a hormone called progesterone. The sebaceous glands which open into the hair follicles secrete an oily substance called sebum. During puberty the sex hormone normally both in males and females are on the rise and they activate the sebaceous glands to increase in size and lead to increase in the secretion of sebum. Again the cells are shed more rapidly and they stick together, plugging the opening of the hair follicles, resulting in white heads. The melanin pigments in the white heads when exposed to air form blackheads. Bacteria, Propioni bacterium acnes add to the formation of acne.
The sebum, bacteria and dead cells escape into the surrounding tissue and lead to formation of more severe form of acne in forms of pustules, nodules, abscesses and cysts.
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Asian Hair and Best skin clinic in Bangalore recognise that everyone’s acne is different and believe in multiple therapy treatment, whether it is laser light based, medication, exfoliation, or topical creams, is sufficient to tackle the complex nature of acne. That is why, for example, we might combine Laser Light treatments with anti-bacterial peels and micro-dermabrasion to unblock pores, stimulate healthy skin renewal and help prevent future occurrences.

Our clients say our treatments succeed where others have failed. Our treatments greatly reduce the risk of scarring and you end up with a healthy, vibrant skin. However severe your acne we have a programme to suit you – and we can remove any acne scarring at the same time.
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